Ľ 0+ Commission Form

0+ Commission Form

You can get $.50 for every Credit Card and Collect call from your payphone!
Does not include pre-paid calling cards or toll free calls.

The G-TEL 0+ Commission Program is a program used to compensate the payphone owner for credit card, calling card  and collect calls (commonly known as 0+ calls). Normally, the local telephone company or one of its sub-carriers such as AT&T, MCI, SPRINT, etc  would process the 0+ calls placed form your payphone, bill the caller, and keep all profits from the charges. However, with the G-Tel 0+ Commission Program, we make sure that our operators process the 0+ calls placed from your payphone(s) and pay you for those calls. 


One other important benefit of this program is that our professional operators will screen calls made from your payphone to ensure that the payphone user does not falsely bill any calls back to your number. This operator screening is something that would normally cost extra from your local telephone company.


0+ Commission checks are sent to payphone owners on a quarterly basis.  There is absolutely no charge to the payphone owner for this service.  Sign up now to begin earning extra revenue from your payphone.


For more information on the G-TEL 0+ Commission Program, please call 1-800-884-4835.

Payphone Information as it appears on the Telephone Company's Bill:

Company :

Physical Address: 

City / State / Zip:

Payphone #:

Additional Payphone #:
Payphone Owner Information:

Company :

Contact Name:

City / State / Zip:
E-Mail Address: 
Contact Tel. No.: 
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 I appoint G-TEL Enterprises, Inc. as my authorized representative to handle my 0+ credit card traffic. My customers can now use their MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Dinerís Club or any other major credit card.  Every time a 0+ call is completed, I will receive 50Ę commission which will be paid on a quarterly basis. This commission shall apply to all Operator-Assisted Collect calls, Credit Card calls, & Calling Card calls placed via the G-TEL operators. Exceptions include calls routed directly to the callerís carrier and pre-paid calling cards. Commission totals for each Billing Quarter under $50.00 will overlay to the next Commission Quarter until a commission total of $50.00 has been reached. In no event shall G-TEL Enterprises, Inc. be liable for any  incidental indirect or consequential damages that I may incur from this service. By pressing SUBMIT, I agree to all of the terms listed here and grant   G-TEL power to be my authorized representative.

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