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Payphone Programming

Payphone Programming can program your Protel or Elcotel payphone regardless of where you purchased the phone. You will need to re-initialize your payphone in order for us to be able to program it. An e-mail will be sent after your order with further instructions.
Programming is done via download from our computer to your payphone.

- FREE Rate file included!
- Bring your payphone up to date with the latest local calling area rates.
- Change the rate or time limits charged on your payphone.
- Proper programming will help prevent fraudulent calls.
- Update your payphone with the newest area code releases.
Item # Programming
Manufacturer G-TEL Enterprises, Inc.
Warranty 1 time only
Lead Time Usually Downloaded Same Day
Price: $25.00
Circuit Board Model
Complete Payphone Number
Local Call Charge
Local Call Time Limit
Long Distance Charge
Long Distance Time Limit
Allow Incoming Calls?
Info 411 charge
Installed on Phone System?
25th Seal

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