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90L Indoor Enclosure

90L Indoor Enclosure
90L Indoor Enclosure Dimensions 90L Indoor Enclosure
Item # 90L
Shipping Weight 175.00 lbs
Warranty 1 year
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The ADCO 90L features the most acoustical qualities of any wall or pedestal mounted enclosure. Its unique shape, perforated stainless interior, and large size greatly reduce background noise. The most common mounting option is by wall mounting. Other options, such as back-to-back pedestal, side-by-side pedestal, 4-way pedestal, and 6-way pedestal are sometimes available (please call 1-800-884-4835 for availability).

Actual weight 135lbs. Shipping weight 175lbs.

******* Minimum order of 5 units required. Call 1-800-884-4835 or email gtel@payphone.com for details **********

48 Volt Relay
Model 20
Wall Mount