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Bell Style Coinless Phone

Bell Style Coinless Phone
Item # 2100CB
Shipping Weight 27.00 lbs
Warranty 1 Year
Dimensions 6"L x 7.5"W x 15"H
Lead Time Usually Ships Same Day
Instruction Manual PDF Instruction Manual
Our Price: $269.00
Board Version
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The Bell Style Coinless Phone is a large, steel telephone designed for use in locations where protection and durability are needed. This phone uses the same mounting template and housing design as a traditional Bell Style Payphone. The Bell Style Coinless Phone is made of 11 gauge cold rolled steel with a durable powder coated finish. It includes a stainless steel faceplate and high-security locking system which makes it vandal resistant. This phone is capable of withstanding the environment of your most inhospitable phone locations.

- VOIP Compatible
- Emergency phone
- Courtesy phone
- Inmate phone
- Security phone
- Employee phone
- Hot line phone (requires dialer)

- Same mounting capabilities of any Bell Style Payphone
- Heavy-duty armored handset is hearing aid compatible (HAC) and has an anti-static receiver
- Armored cord is made to Bell Core standards and withstands minimum 800 lb pulling test
- Works with any standard telephone line
- Can be used on most PBX systems as an extension phone
- Calling card service compatible
- Works with most auto-dialers and call restrictors
- Made of 11 gauge cold rolled steel with a durable powder coated finish
- Same tamper resistant locking system as a Bell Style Payphone
- Armored modular hook switch lever
- Armored modular keypad with metal buttons and bezel that is water, fire and shock resistant
- Highly polished stainless steel faceplate with re-enforced instruction card window
- Built in volume control button
- Built in ringer can be left on or turned off.
- Noise-Canceling Microphone option is recommended for loud environments.
- Just like a Bell Style Payphone but without the coin handling components and vault area.
- Can easily be retrofited to accommodate most Smart Payphone circuit boards Requires a backplate, indoor enclosure, or pedestal to properly be mounted.

****Optional Smart Circuit Board Upgrade***
- You can upgrade your phone to be a Smart Bell Style Coinless Phone.
- Smart phone allows you to program the phone for specific requirements.
- Deny or block certain numbers, reroute, and much more.
- Up to 12 speed dial numbers can be programmed.
- Call time limit can be programmed.
- Smart phone comes with a refurbished Protel circuit board.
- Smart phone is compatible with our 0+ commission program for compensation on collect and credit card calls.

Technical Specifications:
Telephone line powered. 24 VDC to 56 VDC
Loop current range: 22 mA to 90 mA. B-1 (POTS) line
loop start, standard dial tone 600/120 Hz

L31 Enclosure