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Display PayPhone (Non-Functioning)

Display PayPhone (Non-Functioning)
Display Pay Phone Display Pay Phone
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Item # DisplayP-AS-IS
Shipping Weight 45.00 lbs
Warranty 1 year
Dimensions 6"L x 7.5"W x 21"H
Lead Time Usually ships 5 to 7 business days
Our Price: $199.00
Add High Security Locks?
Armored Protector
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ALL Display Phones are actual non-working commercial payphone pulled from service. We offer two condition types, As-Is and Semi-Refurbished, description of each is below.

  • As-Is condition phones are cleaned but are NOT refurbished beyond basic cleaning.  This means phones are not repainted and the chrome parts are NOT refinished or replaced.  These phones will likely have significant signs of wear.  Phones may have slight damage in certain areas, phones may have stickers related to Telephone provider/Long Distance/Calling Card services etc. Phones may include some small dents, scratches, graffiti, and advertising stickers. These are actual payphones pulled from service with minimum attention given to them after.
  • Semi-Refurbished condition phones will have good paint, touched up as needed.  All chrome components will be in generally good cosmetic condition, or replaced as needed.  No damage, no graffiti, only minor cosmetic flaws


  • Phone housings for Display phones will vary between a Western Electric housing(left side slot) or Quadrum/GTE style housings (right side coin slot), based on  availability and at our discretion. We will do everything possible to use the same style housings when multiple phones are ordered together but this cannot be guaranteed.
  • Phones may come with black or chrome vault doors, based on availability and at our discretion. We will do everything possible to use the same style vault doors when multiple phones are ordered together but this cannot be guaranteed.
  • Can be converted to a wall safe with the addition of locks. Securely store your valuables under lock and key.
  • Used by motion picture and TV industry as a stage prop.

Includes T-Key, display cards, 1/4 20x3/4" mounting screws, & 1/4x20 mounting studs.

Prop ready for your show or movie! As-is right off the street, no cleaning or refurbishing. An authentic taste of the real American street / jail payphone. 


If you want one specific type of payphone housing, please refer to our other available payphone products.


We have new and a limited number of used/semi-refurbished phone enclosures available to compliment these phones, click here to view.

An armored protector can also be added to the payphone (Quadrum/GTE style housings) for an additional $74.50. The Payphone Armor is a Two-Piece Stainless Steel body guard that replaces the existing faceplate and vault door to give superior protection to the entire exposed area of your payphone.
- Constructed of stainless steel.
- Protects the entire exposed area of the payphone to help prevent break-ins and vandalism.
- Two-Piece design provides owner with easier coin collection access vs One-Piece design.

Wall Mount
L31 Enclosure
Phone Sign
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Lee Quattrucci
Apr 2, 2022
Very satisfied with all. The service was good and the product is what it promised.

**Thanks for sharing. Feel free to shoot us some pictures of your finished product display****
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