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G-Clear Handset

G-Clear Handset
Dynamic Handset V1 - Diagram
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Item # HS-GCLR-32
Shipping Weight 1.25 lbs
Warranty 90 Days
Lead Time Usually ships 1-3 business days
Our Price: $27.95

The G-Clear Handset features a high-quality receiver and Dynamic microphone. The handset is constructed of durable ABS plastic combined with a high strength stainless cord and steel lanyard.  The G-Clear handset includes a low-impedence dynamic microphone same specifications as Duraclear . For applications which require a microphone with higher impedence, please see the Dynamic V2 handset. See technical specifications of each Dynamic handset for more info.

Each handset consist of the following elements:
- Handset type: SD-45150H20 Standard Receiver and DT-05 Dynamic Type 1 Transmitter.
- Handset handle and cap material: ABS plastic

- Wiring: Four 24 gauge Teflon insulated wires (2 for receiver, 2 for transmitter) with single modular plug
- Same specifications as Duraclear handsets and fully compatible with Duraclear applications

Armored Cord Assembly.:
- 304 Stainless Steel, Interlock style. Inside Diameter, 0.250", 6.350mm. Outside Diameter, 0.329", 8.357mm. Linear Pull Test Load, 1000 lbs., 454 kg

- Includes steel lanyard which is anchored to handset handle. Steel lanyard has a pull test load of approx. 1000 lbs, 454 kgs.
- Other Components: lanyard block retainer; anti-rotation wedge; transmitter holder; blue rubber grommet to seal handset/cord connection

SD-45150H20 Standard Receiver:
- DC Resistance at 20 degrees C : 145 ± 15 ohm
- Frequency Response Range: 300-3400 Hz
- Sensitivity: 100 ± 2 dB at 60mv
- Impedance: 150 ± 30 ohm at 1 KHz

DT-05 Dynamic Type 1 Transmitter:
- Type : Dynamic Type Transmitter
- Response Range : -66 ± 3.5dBV(300-3300Hz)
- Frequency Response : 1KHz: -66 ± 3.5 dbV
- Impedance : 150 ± 30 ohm
- Electrostatic Discharge : Breakdown Volt. 15KV.Min
- Screw terminal

Same specifications as Duraclear handsets and fully compatible with Duraclear applications

Custom colors, cord lengths, microphones and wire terminal/plugs are available depending on details and volume. Call 1-800-884-4835 or fill out the contact us form to inquire about custom handsets or volume quotes. 

Handset caps are sealed with high-strength epoxy adhesive prior to shipping, unless otherwise requested.

Master Case Qty: 30 pcs

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