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GTEL-4000 International

GTEL-4000 International
G4000 International Payphone
Item # G4000
Shipping Weight 48.00 lbs
Warranty 1 year
Dimensions 6"L x 7.5"W x 21"H
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The GTEL-4000 is a new International, outdoor ready Payphone with a 1 year warranty on the housing, parts, and circuit board. It can be customized to work with virtually any coins, for any country.

- Line-powered, Loop start. 48 VDC line voltage, 20 mA min.
- 2x16, 32 character Backlit LCD display
- Multi-language voice & text instructions.
- Mars MS16 Coin Scanner w/Stainless Steel anti-jam bracket; Accepts up to 5 coins of up to 33.0mm in diameter with a max. thickness of 3.30 mm.
- Electro-dynamic handset, Hearing aid compatible with internal stainless steel lanyard with pull strength of 450 kg.
- Constructed of heavy-gauge, deep-drawn steel.
- Stainless Steel Faceplate.
- Stainless Steel Vault Door.
- High-Security Locks.
- Keypad is armored externally and internally to prevent vandalism.
- Dual-Solenoid Relay/Hopper.
- Answer Detection methods include voice brand and reverse battery; optional 12/16 KHz, 50 Hz, and 600 Hz available.

Input Power : Line Powered 42 VDC to 56 VDC, loop start
Loop Current Range : 22mA to 90 mA
Dial Tone : Standard Dial Tone 600/120 Hz
Dialing : Pulse or Touch Tone
DTMF Power Level (LOW Group) : -10.5 dBm (min) into 600 ohms
DTMF Power Level (HIGH Group) : -8.5 dBm (min) into 600 ohms
DTMF Power Level (per pair) : +1.0 dBm (max) into 600 ohms
DTMF Frequency Tolerance : +0.5% per frequency
DTMF Twist : < 3 dB
Temperature : -40° to +150° F (-40° to +65° C)
Humidity : 0 to 95% relative, non-condensing

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