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Noise-Canceling Handset

Noise-Canceling Handset
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Item # HS-NC-ELT-MOD-32
Shipping Weight 1.25 lbs
Warranty 90 Days
Lead Time Usually ships 1-3 business days
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Telephone Device Compatibility

The Noise-Canceling Handset uses a sophisticated microphone to filter out background noise.  It also filters out feedback commonly heard from paging systems. It is also known as Confidencer handset/microphone. Unlike standard microphones which only have ports in the front, noise-canceling microphones have ports in the front and the rear. Since ambient noise enters the microphone from both ports, the same pressure is put on both sides of the diaphragm. Because the ambient noise doesn't make the diaphragm vibrate, the ambient noise isn't heard.  Since speech is entering from only the front of the microphone, the diaphragm vibrates from only the speech which means the background noise isn't heard. With a noise canceling handset, the caller must speak directly into the microphone.

Each handset consist of the following elements:
- Handset type: Standard Receiver and Noise-Canceling Microphone (Carbon or Electret compatible)
- Handset handle and cap material: ABS plastic
- Wiring: Four 24 gauge Teflon insulated wires (2 for receiver, 2 for transmitter), with single modular plug (Optional 4 spade conductors)
- Armored Cord Assembly.: 304 Stainless Steel, Interlock style. Inside Diameter, 0.250", 6.350mm. Outside Diameter, 0.329", 8.357mm. Linear Pull Test Load, 1000 lbs., 454 kg
- Includes steel lanyard which is anchored to handset handle. Steel lanyard has a pull test load of approx. 1000 lbs, 454 kgs.
- Other Components: lanyard block retainer; anti-rotation wedge; transmitter holder; blue rubber grommet to seal handset/cord connection
Custom colors, cord lengths, microphones and wire terminal/plugs are available depending on details and volume. Call 1-800-884-4835 or fill out the contact us form to inquire about custom handsets or volume quotes.
-Handset caps are sealed with high-strength epoxy adhesive prior to shipping, unless otherwise requested.

Electret-compatible Microphone Specifications:
- Sensitivity at 1 kHz: -35 ± 4 dBV
- Impedance at 1 kHz: 1600 ohms ± 35% ohms
- Maximum Drain Current: 0.5 mA at 1.5 VDC
- Operating Voltage Range: 1.1 - 9 VDC
- Noise Cancellation: NLT 6 dB (300 Hz to 3.3 kHz)

Carbon-compatible Microphone Specifications:
- Sensitivity at 1 kHz: -24 ± 4 dBV
- Impedance at 1 kHz: 70 ohms ± 15 ohms
- DC Resistance: 135 ohms ± 25 ohms (at 20 mADC)
- Operating Current Range: 6.5 - 140 mADC
- Operating Voltage Range: 2.0 - 6.5 VDC
- Noise Cancellation: NLT 6 dB (300 Hz to 3.3 kHz)

Master Case Qty: 30 pcs