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Here you will find the interior electronic and mechanical parts of the payphone along with spare and replacement parts for armored phones and kiosks. We can provide you a handset to fit any type of telephone application you need. If you can conceptualize it, we can provide it. Our G-Style handsets are available in Black (standard), Red or Yellow and available with Carbon, Electret or Dynamic microphones and the receivers are available with, or without, a varistor (Non-varistor is standard). Available armored cord lengths are listed, any cord length can be produced for custom orders which meet our MOQ. The transmitters and receivers inside your handset is what determines the success of the handset. If

Inmate & Kiosk Phone Parts
Inmate & Kiosk Phone Parts
27 products
Payphone Parts
Payphone Parts
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Wall Mount
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Western 1A Relay
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Western Faceplate
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save 25%
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Coinbox Lid
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Elcotel Series-5R Board
save 35%
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Mounting Backplate
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Phone Sign
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Protel 7000 Refurbished Board
save 64%
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Red Handset
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New Arrivals

Western Vault Door SWB
Added: 08-05-2022
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