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Personal Payphone
OPTIONAL UPGRADE - New SS Verizon Vault Door
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Item # PP-100
Shipping Weight 50.00 lbs
Warranty 1 year
Dimensions 6"L x 7.5"W x 21"H
Lead Time Usually ships 5 to 7 business days
Instruction Manual PDF Instruction Manual
Our Price: $279.00
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The Personal Payphone is a real commercial payphone converted for home use. Now you can own your own piece of Americana. Have you ever used a payphone and thought to yourself, " That would be a great novelty idea for the pool room, family room, or office. What a conversation piece". Payphone.com is now offering a limited supply of refurbished commercial payphones for sale to the general public. These collectible quality pieces of American history and memorabilia can be yours for far less than you might expect.

Photos are for example purposes only, some features of the actual phone may differ (ie. vault door may be black instead of chrome ; instructions card plates may vary in color and design) Some phones may contain a volume control button, which is non functional

Refurbished condition phones are actual payphones that were pulled from service and then go through a refurbishing process.  They either had paint in very good condition already or go through a repainting process.  The chrome parts are either like-new or re-finished.  The phones are fully tested and in overall very good cosmetic shape.  Condition will vary slightly from one phone to another.

Used condition phones are actual payphones that were pulled from service, they have been cleaned and fully tested but are NOT repainted and the chrome parts are not typically refinished or replaced.  Used phones may have significant signs of wear and the condition will vary from one phone to another. 




  • Connects to existing wall jacks - requires an analog dial tone to operate.
  • Converted for home use.
  • Works like a normal phone.
  • Ready to accept coins if you wish.
  • Refurbished to working condition.
  • Can be converted to a wall safe with the addition of locks. Securely store your valuables with the addition of the optional lock and key sets.
  • These are real payphones built for and used by real telephone companies. Some phones have stampings or engravings of various telephone company names and/or logos.
  • Refurbished and Used phones may come with black or chrome vault doors, based on availability and at our discretion.  New chrome Verizon vault doors are available for either type (see vault door option).

Includes: T-Key, display cards, phone line, cuppler, four 1/4 x 20 mounting screws, 1/4 x 20 mounting studs

Add a phone sign for an authentic payphone setup Click here for available phone signs.

Western locks sold as optional add-on.

These are the real deal. Maybe your phone was from the corner of Main Street in "Small-town, USA" or from the International terminal of JFK Airport. Get your easy to install personal payphone before they are all gone.
Click Here For a full list of enclosures.

L31 Enclosure
Phone Sign
L31 Lens
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Parker Matthews
Apr 18, 2022
Such a great payphone, I absolutely love it. Everyone that comes into my and sees it the first thing they say is, “is that a payphone?” I’m like yes it is.
Great phone, great costumer service. Thanks so much!
I will be back.

Advantages: **We are pleased if you are pleased, We love to hear your feedback and yes we welcome your orders. Thanks again for the great review****
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Mitch Patenaude
May 28, 2021
Works great, looks great, buy boy is this thing heavy. Be sure to get the t-bar to go with it, so you can open it up, which you'll need to do to get at the wiring to hook it up. Not a lot of instructions with it, but good customer service from the Tech.

Advantages: A great conversation starter. Also doubles as a piggy bank (be sure to get the t-bar if you want to use it that way.). Very solid and durable (as you would expect for a real payphone.)

Disadvantages: Working with it and mounting it are tricky because it weighs something like 40-50 pounds. Even opening it to get at the wiring is tricky because of the weight. There aren't really any instructions, so some things (like how to open it) aren't obvious.

***Thank you for your review and suggestions. We do offer mounting and enclosure accessories for these products. If our customers ever need assistance, please reach out to us. Our customer service and/or technical department are here for you. Also instruction manuals are located on our website just a click away on the hyperlink located at the bottom of the product pages***
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Annette Marino
Jan 19, 2023
Bought a pay phone for a gift. The large selection on your website was what caught my attention. Prices were very reasonable, and offered specific choices( locks etc.) that certainly enhanced the buying experience. delivery was within the week, very pleased with the phone.

Advantages: **thank you for the awesome review and making us a part of your gift giving experience.
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Peter Ray
Sep 6, 2022
I love my personal payphone! I’ve wanted one since I was a little kid and I was finally able to get one thanks to payphone.com!

Thank you for your wonderful review. Locks are available for personal payphones not sure why you opted not to receive them on your order. Please feel free to reach out to us always!!!!

Advantages: About as easy as mobile ordering from Chick-fil-A! Customer service was very helpful and they know that they are doing. It’s kinda crazy that payphone.com is pretty much the only way to get a payphone that works in as good of a condition where you get the most bang for your buck. Ordering and shipping was fast and I received mine within about a week and a half.

Disadvantages: Wish they came with actual locks but instead you have two holes where they used to be. But I could always buy some if it came down to me ever really needing one*
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