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Protel 4.8 Volt Battery

Protel 4.8 Volt Battery
Protel 4.8v Battery Protel 4.8v Battery
Shipping Weight 0.50 lbs
Warranty 1 year
Dimensions 2 1/4”L x 1/2”H
Lead Time Usually ships same day
Our Price: $5.50
The Protel 4.8 Volt Battery is a high-quality, long life Nickel Metal Hydride battery which is compatible with most Protel payphones.

- Compatible with Protel circuit board models 310, 2000/6000, 7000/9000, and 4000/8000.
- All batteries are not alike. G-TEL uses only high quality, long life cells.

Technical Specs:
Sealed Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) Cylindrical Battery cell
Size 4H1/3AA
Model 4 ×1/3AA
Nominal Voltage 4.8V
Nominal Capacity(20℃,Standard Charge,
0.2CA discharge to 4.0V) 350mAh
Capacity: 350mAh
Terminal/Connector: Molex SL type plug
Average Weight 35.0g
Dimensions(including PVC tube)
Width(W) Max:58.0mm
Thickness(T) 16.5±0.5mm
Height(H) Max:18.5mm
Charging Method:(20℃)
Standard Charge: Charge with 0.1CA (30mA) for 14 -16 hours
Quick Charge Charge with 0.3CA(90mA) for 4.5 hours
Fast Charge:
Charge with 1.0CA(350mA) for 1.2 hours
(Under -△V=40mV controlled)
Max Overcharge Current 0.1CA(30mA)charge(No longer than 100 hours)
Trickle Current 9~15mA
Operating Temperature(reference only):
Storage -20℃~+35℃
Discharge: -20℃~+60℃
Standard Charge 0℃~+45℃
Fast Charge +10℃~+45℃

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