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Superman Telephone Privacy Booth

Superman Telephone Privacy Booth
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Item # MetalSuperman-SIL
Shipping Weight 750.00 lbs
Warranty 1 year
Dimensions 34"L x 34" W x 84.5"H
Lead Time Varies
Our Price: $3,995.00
Custom Top Panels


The Superman Office Booth is an iconic symbol of American history reborn as a privacy booth for today’s digital world. Once known as a “silence cabinet”, American folklore tells us Superman favored the Telephone Privacy Booth over all other types of changing rooms for privacy. The G-Tel Superman Booth is still used for privacy today in offices across America.

The nostalgic Superman Privacy Booth features tempered glass windows and a full panel door, a high quality steel frame, durable powder-coated paint, a stainless steel shelf and a solid metal floor with mounting holes. The covered panel is designed to hold cabling, wiring or whatever you need to customize your Privacy Booth. Add the door, a seat or brand the telephone lens with your logo and you will own a piece of history that also provides user with privacy and noise cancelling qualities in a stylish manner. Custom colors are available upon request. Please call G-Tel for additional customization details.


The classic Superman is a high quality industrial payphone booth with a variety of uses:

-Superman Office Privacy Booths can be equipped with custom features and provides a quiet haven with windows to let others know when the booth is in use.

-When used as an office privacy booth the Superman is a classic conversation piece for employee calls and refuge.

-The Superman Privacy Booth provides privacy for cell phone users, tourists or employees within a nostalgic comfortable setting.

- Originally designed for payphone usage you can add a personal payphone to complete your vision for the family room, man-cave, she-shed or garage.

-Open wiring holes are provided so you can add the components you need to customize your own office environment.

-Made to withstand the elements the privacy telephone booth can be used outdoors to attract customers to your place of business.

-Small Libraries, Kiosks, Advertising stations, Information booths and a good old fashioned Payphone Booth use as just a few of uses we have seen.  

Today’s Superman booth is used primarily as living history within an office setting and may boast your logo, or be furnished with a printed directory of office extension numbers, or with a paper and pen, or add a seat for comfort and enjoy that old school feel.


*Privacy Booths are fabricated in an industrial metal plant and were designed to function for indoor/outdoor industrial use. These are not fine pieces of furniture, nor do we represent them as anything other than industrial use telephone privacy booths. Any flaws or anomalies considered to be standard within our industry will not be repainted, adjusted, or addressed in any monetary manner. We do our best to ensure the highest quality workmanship but at the end of the day, these are industrial telephone booths.

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