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Visitation No-Dial Phone [VP-3500]

Visitation No-Dial Phone [VP-3500]
Visitation phone installation
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Item # VP-3500
Shipping Weight 5.00 lbs
Warranty New 1 Year
Dimensions 6 ½ h x 4 ½ w x 4 ½ d
Lead Time Usually ships in 1 to 3 business days
Our Price: $170.00
Handset Cord Length

The VP-3500 Visitation Phone is an armored no-dial phone constructed of durable 14 gauge stainless steel. Standard 24” cord length with optional 14”, 18”, 32” and 52” available.

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Optional noise-canceling microphone available
Spare handsets also available here


Jail/Prision/Visitation Phone
Constructed of durable 14 gauge stainless steel
Tamper resistant locking system
Built in mounting plate designed for fast, easy installation
Handset cord retaining bracket is designed for fast, easy handset changes
Stainless grommet provides added security for handset cord
Armored cord is made to Bell Core standards and withstands minimum 1000 lb pulling test
Magnetic hookswitch/handset

Technical Parameters
Protection Class: IP54
Ambient Temperature: -40 ~ + 60 ( -40 F ~ + 140 F)
Relative Humidity: ≤95% (at room temperature)
Atmospheric Pressure: 80 ~ 110KPa
Frequency Response: 250 ~ 3000 Hz
Supply Voltage: 48 ~ 60V
Feed Current: 25mA
Call Trasfer Index: SLR≤12 dB, RLR≤-1dB, STMR≥10dB 
Environmental Noise: ≤70dB
Ringing level: ≥80dB
Operates on C.O., analog lines or analog dialtone PABX/KSU