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G Tel WP-5000 Weatherproof Phone

G Tel WP-5000 Weatherproof Phone
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Item # G-Tel WP-5000
Shipping Weight 17.00 lbs
Warranty 1 Year
Dimensions 13.5" x 10" x 6.7"
Lead Time Usually ships 1-3 business days
Our Price: $365.00
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The G-TEL WP-5000 is a weatherproof phone designed for locations where durability and weather resistance is needed. This phone is IP66 rated and includes a modular handset connection, modular line connection and rugged handset with noise-canceling microphone. It can be used for direct dialed calls and also has the capability to store speed dial numbers for fast push button access by the telephone user. The WP-5000 is perfect for use in many applications including industrial environments, emergency phone needs and in transit applications or parking garages.

This phone is designed to be either wall or pedestal mounted, and can easily be wall mounted without the need for a separate mounting device. The G-TEL WP-5000 is made of durable powder coated steel. The phone utilizes several gaskets and water proof gels to keep water out.. All components of the WP-5000 including the receiver, transmitter, keypad, ringer, circuit board and cabinet are designed to be multi-layer waterproof and dust proof.

- Modular handset and line connectors for easy service maintenance, no need to take the phone apart to change the handset
- Includes rugged handset with noise-canceling microphone
- Easily wall mountable on its own or can be mounted to a pedestal. Optional pedestal below

- Allows unique speed dial numbers to be stored for quick push button access by user
- Keypad programmable
- Vandal resistant
- Durable powder-coated finish

- Works with any standard telephone line.
- Can be used on most PBX systems as an extension phone.
- Magnetic reed switch (lever-less).

- Housing is constructed of aluminum alloy die-casting
- VOIP compatible.
- Product weight 14.5 lbs. Shipping weight 17 lbs.

- Industrial environment
- Transit stations
- Roadside emergency phone
- Parking garage emergency phone
- Courtesy phone
- Security phone
- Hot line phone

Technical Specifications:
Telephone line powered. 24 VDC to 60 VDC. Loop current range: 22 mA to 90 mA. B-1 (POTS) line, loop start, standard dial tone 600/120 Hz
Weatherproof Grade: IP66
Ambient temperature: -40 ~ +140 degrees Fahrenheit (-40~ +70 C )
Relative Humidity < 95%
Atmospheric pressure 80~106KPa
Call transmission index SLR<12, RLR<-1, STMR>10, output impedence: 600ohm
Frequency response: 300~3400 Hz
Line Output Audio Signal Level: +2dB
Ambient Noise: <115dB
Distortion factor <2%
Ring sound level: >90dB

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