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Emergency 911 Telephone, Weather Resistant

Emergency 911 Telephone, Weather Resistant
Item # VEP-911
Shipping Weight 5.00 lbs
Warranty 1 Year
Dimensions 6 ½ h x 4 ½ w x 4 ½ d
Lead Time Usually Ships 1-3 business days
Our Price: $199.00
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911 water-resistant Emergency Pool phone for swimming pools, HOA, POA, Apartments, garages and other facilities where a direct dial 911 phone is required for compliance. The phone will automatically dial 911 when the receiver is lifted. Made of durable stainless steel with an impact resistant 24” red handset to draw attention to the emergency phone. The phone body is water-resistant to IP54. For optimal longevity it is best to give the phone protection from the direct elements. Mounts directly to the wall.

  • Auto dials 911 when handset is picked up
  • PBX compatible (must be plugged into an analog line/port)
  • Allows for 911 operators to call back, (please add the ringer if you are required to have this feature)
  • Volume Control for full ADA Compliance
  • Hardwired and mounts directly to the wall
  • Tamper Resistant Security Screw and bit included
  • Conduit mounting plate or counter-top mounting plate available upon request

Technical Parameters Protection Class: IP54 Ambient Temperature: -40 ~ + 60 ( -40 F ~ + 140 F) Relative Humidity: ≤95% (at room temperature) Atmospheric Pressure: 80 ~ 110KPa Frequency Response: 250 ~ 3000 Hz Supply Voltage: 48 ~ 60V Feed Current: 25mA Call Trasfer Index: SLR≤12 dB, RLR≤-1dB, STMR≥10dB Environmental Noise: ≤70dB Ringing level: ≥80dB Operates on C.O., analog lines or analog dialtone PABX/KSU