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JP/CT3500 Keypad & Main PCB set

JP/CT3500 Keypad & Main PCB set
Item # XL-3500-KYPCB
Shipping Weight 1.00 lbs
Warranty 1 Year
Lead Time Usually Ships Same Day
Our Price: $70.00
Compatible with all JP/CT 3500 phones

Set includes main printed circuit board and keypad assembly

All-in-one electronic dial pad and circuit board features automatic gain control, background noise filtering and DTMF standards

Large oversized stainless steel bezel, marine quality sealed keypad-Waterproof to class IP55

Ambient Temperature: -40°C ~ + 60°C, -40 F ~ + 140 F
Relative Humidity: ≤95% (at room temperature)
Atmospheric Pressure: 80 ~ 110KPa
Frequency Response: 250 ~ 3000 Hz
Supply Voltage: 48 ~ 60V
Feed Current: 25mA
Call Transfer Index: SLR≤12 dB, RLR≤-1dB, STMR≥10dB
Environmental Noise: ≤70dB
Ringing level: ≥80dB
Operates on C.O., analog lines or analog dialtone PABX/KSU stations