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Protel 7000 Refurb

Protel 7000 Refurb
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Item # XK7000 RFBD
Shipping Weight 50.00 lbs
Warranty 6 mo refurb
Dimensions 6"L x 7.5"W x 21"H
Lead Time 3-5 days
Instruction Manual PDF Instruction Manual
Our Price: $399.00
Area Code and Prefix
Local Call Charge
Long Distance Charge
Allow Incoming Calls?
Info 411 charge
Installed on PBX / Phone System?
Handset Length


The Protel 7000 is a refurbished complete commercial payphone.  The standard phone is a black and chrome all refurbished unit which has a 6 month warranty.  Mounting backplates, pedestals, and enclosures available for installation-see below related products!

All of the pay phones we offer can be installed on any phone line without the need for electricity. You own the equipment, which means you keep the cash.  It is easy to install and maintain, requiring only periodic maintenance to remove the coin and inspect the coin flow. Our support technicians are available via our Toll-Free support line for any questions you may have about the operation of your phone.

- Line-powered, no electricity required.
- Voice and printed instructions for all calls.
- Takes quarters, dimes, and nickels.
- Works with credit and calling cards via keypad entry.
- Quality handset with reinforced armored cord.
- Vandal-proof locks (high security medeco locks are available).
- Pre-programmed for your specific area code and to your rate and time limit request.
( One free remote programming change in the future, after that there is a $25 charge per request )
- Anti-jam coin acceptor.
- Coin box holds approximately $175.00.
- FCC registered.
- UL listed.
- Telephone line powered. 42 VDC to 56 VDC.
- Loop current range: 22 mA to 90 mA. POTS line, (B-1 or COCOT), loop start, standard dial tone 600/120 Hz.

Includes: T-Key, generic upper and lower locks with key sets, display cards, four 1/4 x 20 mounting screws, two 1/4 x 20 mounting studs

FREE Programming
FREE Rate File
FREE Technical Support

For programming, you must enter the area code and prefix of the phone line it will be installed on. For example, our phone number is 281-550-5592 , our area code and prefix is 281-550 .

This unit is for use with U.S. and Canadian coins only. | International visitors, please visit www.telefonospublicos.com or contact us for phone options.

Refurbished Housing/Parts – 6 months
Refurbished Circuit Board - 6 months
New Housings/Parts – 1 year

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