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Standard Handset

Standard Handset
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Item # HS-CAR-MOD-32
Shipping Weight 1.25 lbs
Warranty 90 Days
Lead Time Usually ships in 1 to 3 business days
Our Price: $27.95

The Standard Electronic-based Carbon Handset features a high-quality receiver and electronic carbon microphone. The handset is constructed of durable ABS plastic combined with a high strength stainless cord and steel lanyard. Available in standard 32" or optional 52" cord lengths. Ideal for locations prone to vandalism and compatible with most Carbon-based telephone devices.

Each handset consist of the following elements:
- Handset type: Standard Receiver and Electronic-based Carbon Transmitter
- Handset handle and cap material: ABS plastic
- Wiring: Four 24 gauge Teflon insulated wires (2 for receiver, 2 for transmitter) with single modular plug (Optional 4 spade conductors)
- Armored Cord Assembly.: 304 Stainless Steel, Interlock style. Inside Diameter, 0.250", 6.350mm. Outside Diameter, 0.329", 8.357mm. Linear Pull Test Load, 1000 lbs., 454 kg
- Includes steel lanyard which is anchored to handset handle. Steel lanyard has a pull test load of approx. 1000 lbs, 454 kgs.
- Available Cord Lengths: standard 32" or optional 52"
- Color: Black and Red
- Other Components: lanyard block retainer; anti-rotation wedge; transmitter holder; blue rubber grommet to seal handset/cord connection

Standard Receiver:
- DC Resistance at 20 degress C : 145 ohm ± 15 ohm
- Frequency Response Range: 300-3400 Hz
- Sensitivity: 100 ohm ± 2 dB at 60mv
- Impedance: 150 ohm ± 30 ohm at 1 KHz

Electronic-based Carbon Transmitter:
- Response Range: 300-3400 Hz
- Moveable Resistance :25-80 ohm at 50mA D.C
Custom colors, cord lengths, microphones and wire terminal/plugs are available depending on details and volume. Call 1-800-884-4835 or fill out the contact us form to inquire about custom handsets or volume quotes.

Handset caps are sealed with high-strength epoxy adhesive prior to shipping, unless otherwise requested.

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Frank D. Turner
Nov 16, 2022
I ordered a standard handset with the SPADE option (HS-CAR-SPD-32) but, but due to an error on PP.com, I received the MOD handset instead. But instead of allowing ME to choose how to handle it, Payphone.com chose for me by sending me a MOD-to-SPD adapter (for free) instead of the handset that I ordered and the handset that I paid for. Needless to say, I did NOT want the adapter, but instead the handset I ordered.

Advantages: The only advantage was that I didn't have to return the incorrect handset back to PP.com.

Disadvantages: The disadvantages were: I had to install an extra item to make my payphone work. I had to wait an additional week for shipping to get the additional part. PP.com didn't give ME - the customer - the option to choose between getting the part I ordered and adding the adapter.

**Frank we are sorry to hear that you were not happy with resolution to the handset. The adapter should have been easy, painless and effortless resolve. The item was shipped the day you notified us of the discrepancy. Please note we have no control over shipping delays. Please call our office to discuss so we can make this right for you.
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