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Wireless One Button 911 Emergency Phone 120VAC Power

Wireless One Button 911 Emergency Phone 120VAC Power
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Item # RB911E1-AC
Shipping Weight 5.00 lbs
Warranty 1 Year
Lead Time Usually Ships Within 1 Week
Our Price: $429.95

The model AC-RB911E is our new simple one button press 911 Only cellular phone system.   This model does require a power line to be ran into the enclosure which has a 120VAC power panel already installed.  A power line must be connected into the enclosures power panel to allow the phone to have a constant charge and have the charger active.  The power panel, phone, and charger are all located behind the red panel on the inside of the weatherproof enclosure. 

It requires NO phone service fee and No monthly phone contracts because the phone is programmed to only dial 911.  Most local phone providers charge $60-$100 a month to have a phone line active for your emergency pool phone.  By switching or adding this AC-RB911E model 911 only emergency cell phone system you completely eliminate your monthly phone bills.  

This 3G one button press 911 only cell phone system is designed to provide you with quick and reliable access to dialing out to your local 911 emergency call center.  The phone is also equipped with a built-in sleep mode function.  If the power were to go out the phone has a battery life of up to 30 days where it can still make a call without power.  This ensures a call will go through even if the power was to go out.



System includes:

-  Nema 4X type waterproof enclosure with 911 Emergency Phone Label
-  Secure side latch with 10 tamper resistant seals
-  3G  911 Only emergency cellphone (GSM/GPRS 850/1900 MHz)
-  Low Battery Notification
-  Simple one button press to dial operation (see above photo)
-  Loud speaker to hear 911 operator and to speak into
-  2 Year Warranty  
-  Sim Card Optional -  Can be programmed to dial any 10 digit number
**Cannot be used in the states of Tennessee, North Carolina & South Carolina***

Please check with your local inspector to ensure a cellular unit is acceptable in your area. User assumes all responsibility.

Payphone Armor
MS-16 Cable
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