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WT Inmate Keypad/Mainboard Assy

WT Inmate Keypad/Mainboard Assy
Item # WT-02103-13
Shipping Weight 1.00 lbs
Warranty 1 Year
Lead Time Usually Ships Same Day
Our Price: $64.95

PCB/Keypad for POTS lines and PBX extensions, analog. Vandal and water resistant chrome key and buttons made of high-quality zinc alloy and conductive rubber made of natural, corrosion resistance silicone. Used for inmate phones, kiosks and other applications. All-in-one electronic dial features modular incoming line and handset connections for quick maintenance. 

- Compatible with most Wintel and similar brand coinless phones. 
- Can be used to build your own phone or kiosk using most standard parts. 
- Includes four screw terminals for spade tip handsets and 4-pin h/s connector for modular handsets. 
- Compatible with almost any 2-wire Hook switch unit. 
- Provides a 7-pin keypad connector. 
- Provides dual screw terminal or RJ11 connector for telco line connection. 
- Includes 3 level jumper for handset microphone volume. 
- Provides connectors for volume control & ringer. 

Technical Specifications: 
On-hook voltage-48V 
Ringing voltage-90V 
Call voltage-6-10V 
Working current-20mA 
Working Temperature--20~+40 F, -45~+65℃ 
Contact resistance:≤100Ω 
Life Span: ≥500,000 
Waterproof Grade: IP65 

Wall Mount
L31 Enclosure